Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Val !

A prayer for my sister

Our Sister, who art in Dorking,
Valerie be thy name.

Thy doggies come, thy poohs be done,
on earth as it is on carpet.

Give us this day our daily kong.
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who bark against us.

And lead us not into the neighbours garden, but deliver us from rabies.
For thine is the fridge, the freezer and the biscuit tin. for ever and ever. Woof Woof!

There was a Young Lady of Dorking,
Who had 4 large dogs for walking;
But their colour and size,
Caused such a surprise,
That she was famous all over Dorking.

(Apologies to Edward Lear)


Naki Richard said...

I tried to blow up the picture (make it bigger, not destroy it) just to see what you looked like back then but it refused me.

Naki Richard said...

The black and white one also made me realise you were younger than your sister, which I hadn't thought about before.

Amanda said...

Yep - I'm the little sis. Although we are both quite big. The B&W one was taken about 1964 when Val was 10 and I was 3!