Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A walk around Devonport, with rain and prawns

(Rainbow over Devonport)

Once again my preferred exercise for the day is to walk rather than go to the gym, so wrapped up in leather coat, scarf and with brolly to hand, I sallied forth to Devonport for a bit of a coastal walk.

A brief detour on the way to drive past one of my pension funds (rental). It looked neat & tidy, with lawns mowed and no pile of rusting cars on the front lawn. It's nice and reassuring after all the finance companies that have crashed, to be able to drive past your pension to check its still there.

Arrived and parked a good half hours walk from the tempting cafes and bookshops so I couldn't choose to cut my walk short and dive in there if it rained, which it did but not too heavy.

The skies grew heavier still as I got to the village, and I decided to shelter from the cold wind in a cafe by the sea where I slurped on a hearty bowl of seafood chowder, complete with a prawn and scallop skewer and turkish bread.

Half way through the meal I realised all the other patrons in this cafe were pensioners. Of course there are hardly any office workers in this area, its really a day-trip place for Aucklanders and gets very busy on sunny weekends. I felt I had gatecrashed a secret society of those over 70 who are allowed to have a late lazy lunch on a Tuesday afternoon, or like I had bunked off school to be here.

(Auckland City from Devonport wharf)

Stomach replete I browsed for a while in Evergreen books and found 3 titles that look interesting.

Walking back around the coast, the sun came out and the wind dropped and the sea looked beautiful. But by the time I reached the car it was raining again and I had developed a dull ache in my hip which only served to remind me that I am closer to the rest of the Tuesday cafe clientele than to the naughty schoolgirl I had briefly sat there as.

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