Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend nearly over

Friday evening I met up with Rina to see Sex and the City. It was a bit of a laugh, although every time Samantha walked in from the west coast the other 3 would throw their arms up and shout “Oh my God, look who it is!” which seemed to happen in every other scene. The cinema audience was 95% female, mostly drinking wine, and there were women gasping at the clothes & shoes which I found quite amusing.

Saturday was another wild, windy day. At one point we thought we’d get a walk in and headed to the coast, stopping for lunch at the Long Bay Restaurant. After 10 mins along the beach the skies blackened and we got soaked. On the plus side, the Salmon Potato cakes with poached eggs were superb. Back home to tidy the house and wait for unknown persons to turn up for the games evening I’d advertised in the Mensa magazine. It’s a good way to spend an evening and you never know who will turn up, as its an open invitation. Last night we had a couple of familiar friends and a few new faces, one with two little girls, 6 and 10. Apples to Apples warmed the gang up, then we played Ziggity for the girls, followed by Phase10. After the youngsters left, the hard core gamers played on until midnight: Ticket to Ride followed by Blokus which must be the world’s most annoying & frustrating game – don’t go there unless you have enhanced spatial skills. I joked with the other Mensa people that I wouldn’t be a member if the test had been purely based on shapes like this game. Thank goodness the Cattell test I took had a lot of verbal reasoning questions.

Sunday. Another rainy day - when will this end? Actually it did at 3pm and we had a nice walk in the sun around North Head – photos below. Finished off a small film scanning job, only 17 slides, but it was for a new customer, so I like to turn it around quickly in case they sent it for a test run and have more they want doing.

Spoke with Val on the phone this evening. Made her sing a belated happy birthday to herself due to my ongoing sore throat. She thinks I should see a homeopath.

Also had a TXT talk with Mari mainly about cakes and donuts. She is currently birthdaying in Kazimierz with friends Jola and Magda. It brought back memories of being there with them all last year. I must do something with all those photos…. I can feel a website coming along. It can’t be any harder than doing this blog.

1 - Rangitoto island from Cheltenham beach after the rains
2 - Cheltenham Beach looking towards North Head
3 - View from top of North Head
4 - Auckland city seen through trees on the south side of North Head

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