Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rainy weekend with prawn rolls

Typically, the sun shone all week long and grey skies and rain roll up on Saturday morning. I tried to ignore Zappa's silent glaring from the bedroom doorway but I gave in at 9.30 and got up to feed him and Noodle. Unlike BotBot who used to yell the house down if a meal was 1 min late, he prefers the strong silent treatment. He does sing a little after supper though. I must also mention that since BotBot passed away I never have to hunt down and retrieve socks and other items from around the house. They are always where I leave them which sadly takes an element of surprise away.

John was having a server crisis today and had been upstairs in the office since 8am, so I cooked a mushroom cheese & tomato omelette (folded, french style I may add) and took a plate up to him then ate mine at my desk while browsing 'Expecting Rain'. (I'll write about the wonders of that site another post, including for the uninitiated, how it got its name.)

A couple of friends will be coming over this evening for dinner & games (board games), so I browsed a seafood cookbook and decided on Vietnamese prawn rolls to start and snapper with puy lentils and asparagus to follow. Mmmmmmm. Shopping followed, trying to avoid the angry rain soaked car-parkers at Glenfield mall after getting most I needed from the local fish shop & Chinese veggie store. I wouldn't have to go to the mall at all except John added 'HDMI cable' to the list at the last minute. When will guys learn that shopping lists are for supermarket stuff :-)

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Peter said...

HI Mandy... thanks for the link, and good luck with the blog. It's a top thing to do for about 100 reasons, including making new cybermates.

Zappa seems cool. I have a cat called Paddy, who is a ghost and only been sighted once, on St Patrick's day, hence his name. Strange but true...