Friday, June 20, 2008

Idle Friday

Thanks, Mo, for being my very first blog commenter :-)

My 2nd day off during the working week. I work Mon/Weds/Thur. I had good intentions re going to the gym and swimming too, but I didn't sleep too well and decided on a therapeutic beach walk instead. Needless to say the beach has a cafe where even more therapeutic latte and porridge was partaken of... so exercise done, I can relax for the day without guilt.

A friend sent me this link to Jerome K Jerome's 'Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow'. I've read Three Men in a Boat but this gave me some new chuckles.

Another thought on the subject of keep-in-touch slackness, I decided I'm not too bad, not nearly as bad as T*e*s* in Oxford - yes, feel the shame - you've been outed on a 1 day old blog :-)

Uppers: Some great movies have been showing here... a few I enjoyed ...

Happy Go Lucky by Mike Leigh, master of social realism, lightens up with this one and it has great characters if little plot

Shine a Light Scorsese's rockdoco about the Stones at the IMAX theatre was very loud; it felt like you were right there at the front of the stage.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a very moving story - more so for it being true.

And of course, the long awaited (in NZ anyway) release of I'm Not There the surreal montage of characters loosely based on Dylans' life. Here is a 1 min trailer to pique your interest. One of the 7 Dylan-like characters is played by Cate Blanchett, another by the late Heath Ledger. If you like Dylans' music I strongly recommend the double CD soundtrack, it has many more songs & artists than appear in the film e.g. Cat Power, Richie Havens, Jeff Tweedy, Tom Verlaine & many more (34 tracks in total). Here is a full track listing, with some samples to listen to.

Here's a GREAT version of ISIS from the Rolling Thunder Review tour. It's so rare to see Bob singing without either a guitar or keyboard keeping his hands busy - amazing here to see all his elaborate hand movements and gestures being let out.


  • Knowing theres not going to be enough hours in the week to see all the Festival films I want to see

  • Our mail server has been bouncing real mail as well as spam. We think its been fixed now. Please re-send me any mail that bounced in the last few weeks (we are still here honest)

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