Sunday, June 22, 2008

You have to eat....

Those rice paper sheets are damn sticky once softened, it was like rolling small pancakes coated with superglue. Unlike the pic in the recipe, mine did not look neat and secure as if they would hold together if lifted precariously towards the dipping sauce. BUT, they tasted very good when the sauce was spooned over, in fact I think this sauce would enhance lots of dishes. It was made of 2 tbsp of satay, 1 tbsp hoisin, juice of a lemon and 1 tbsp peanuts (unsalted, skinned, chopped & roasted). Deeelicious. The diners refused to go home without a copy of the recipe. The rolls were stuffed with mung bean vermicelli, shrimp, fresh mint leaves and chives.

After, we shunned the board games and played Canasta for a couple of hours concurrently filling ourselves up with Kim's lemon cake, ice cream and After Eight's. And a couple of nice bottles of a local NZ Pinot Gris helped it all along.

Today we went to Jaz's for brunch and took pressies for Mark's birthday. Jaz fed us on lovely french toast, crispy bacon and grilled bananas. Very satisfying on (another) rainy day.

This afternoon has been spent mostly on the sofa reading papers and catching up with the digestion of food.

Now we are past the shortest day of the year I can feel summer approaching. It's just a shame the worst of the winter hasn't happened yet.

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