Monday, December 15, 2008

Damage control = a water pistol

The pot plant that Micky tipped over on the weekend is looking a bit healthier today. The cleanup was quite extensive as the plant had been recently watered and fell from a height, spreading wet earth across a swathe of beige carpet.

Now I have 2 plastic water pistols strategically placed so they can be easily grabbed. The aversion therapy seems to be working well so far. On being hit the offending kitten immediately backs away from whatever he was interfering with and stops to lick himself dry by which time he's forgotten what he was doing and runs off to find drier activities. Great invention.

Kim, who photographs houses amongst other things told us she had to make a house look saleable that had been ransacked, the doors etc removed. There were even holes cut in the floorboards so the (presume) tenants could sit down without bothering with frivolities like furniture, their legs hanging below the boards. That'd be a great house to lose a kitten in!

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Nik said...

A cat we used to have I had trained so well that after a while all I had to do was make a "psshhht!" noise and she skittered away from whatever evil she was up to like I'd squirted her.