Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eight new legs = pandemonium

I am typing this with a ball of warm fur on my lap and another snuggled behind me on the chair.
Sunday, after the coffee had kicked in and we'd tidied up the house we visited the SPCA in Mangere to view the cats needing adoption. After a few rounds of the residents we chose a pair of 10 week old males.

One is all black, fluffy with a few long white hairs in his ears and under his chin. The other is pale ginger, stripy with gorgeous eyes.

Name ideas so far: Basil and Pesto or Bob and Dylan – any other suggestions welcome...

News travels fast here: our neighbours' 2 boys were on the doorstep when I got home from work, demanding “I wanna see the Kitties!!” in Kiwi accents. Kim had to pry them away but the younger boy came back about 9pm in his PJs to say goodnight to them.

Noodle hasn't exactly embraced her new house mates. Despite being the youngest of three cats she now has to deal with role reversal being the oldest. Our first attempt at introducing them she wailed and hissed so we are taking it gradually.


Peter said...

That ginger one looks like Clement Freud ;-)

Amanda said...

Yes. The markings above his eyes look like a permanent frown.

They are both real cuties - the ginger one is a bit bossier and more curious.