Monday, December 29, 2008

A weather contrast

Sunday dawned a glorious blue sky. Unfortunately neither of us had slept well. I'd been awake from 2 until 5 am and read for an hour before drifting off in the spare room as dawn was arriving. Lack of sleep makes me grumpy so we didn't do much. In the afternoon we packed up some salad and fruit and let Jaz & Mark drive us to Long Bay park for a picnic and a walk over the coast path. The tide was way out so we avoided the steepest hill by picking our way around on the rocks. The nudist beach was well populated. Lots of sunscreen was slathered on as the day was hot.

Today is humid, warm and raining. Perfect weather to spend the day painting an empty rental property. The agents are convinced the colours of the walls are putting people off renting it. Oh joy.

In contrast, Mari sent this shot from her phone to my email. She is skiing in Poland's Zakopane district.

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