Friday, December 26, 2008

Young decoyed by Cisco

So, after four weeks of religiously keeping all our doors and windows shut to contain the feline wanderings, apart from a few supervised outings, we decided today was the start of their freedom. They quickly disappeared into the thick bush clad slopes surrounding our decking as we tried not to act like worried parents. Micky came back after ten minutes with a sore paw and wailed at me when I went near him. He was alright again after half an hour of solid licking. They are on a steep learning curve about the delights and dangers of the non-carpeted world.

My best Christmas present came disguised in a large Cisco router box from John. I really thought I was being given some piece of internal gubbins to speed up my PC, but no, it was a decoy box containing tickets to see Neil Young. In Brisbane. Flights and hotel included. Woo Hoo. I'd been wanting to see him play here but he's only scheduled to do the 'Big Day Out' which is a notoriously hot, crowded and leery festival. This is a much better way to see Neil, in his own gig and on a mini-break.

Yesterday we just lazed around reading and went for a picnic near the beach. Today Jaz & Mark, Paul and his new girlfriend (Kylie) are coming for the whole turkey nine yards lunch. It has not yet made it to the oven so that's my next job.

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Nik said...

You dirty rotten... Ah well. I'd love to see Neil solo but am happy enough to go to Big Day Out, where it is hot and leery but I had a good time last year. And I'm tall enough I can usually see over the crowd!