Friday, December 19, 2008

Everything including the kitten sink

Why does work always get busier and busier to the end of the year when you feel the need to wind down? Particularly seems to be the case here in NZ where Christmas marks the start of the Summer Holidays. Happy to say though that I have only 1 working day left in the year; after Monday I am on holiday until Jan 5th.

The boys are into everything and have to be periodically banished to their nursery for some quiet time. They've just discovered they can get onto the dining chairs which lead to the table where its a short hop onto the kitchen bench. They seem fascinated by the sink. Despite regular dousing from my water pistol they keep going back. I found Basil dragging an overripe strawberry across the carpet earlier. It was one I had rejected for my muesli this morning and had dropped into the waste disposal sink.

One of my favourite aspects of summer, apart from the warmth and long evenings, is the abundance of cheap and delicious berry fruit. I'm having blueberries with everything at the moment.

A package arrived today containing a CD collection of chilled out contemporary music from Denmark. It was a present from my hairdresser! Very strange. But it sounds quite nice.

I finalised my gift shopping today and there's quite a decent sized pile under the tree. I tallied up I had bought & wrapped presents for 26 people (if you count small children). John on the other hand has 4 people to shop for. We joke that he has no friends, but its not true, its that I am better at shopping!

Ring them bells for Christmas (The alternate version from Bootleg Series 8 Disc 3)...a beautiful song.

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