Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Skydiving kitten

The effect of working for 9 hours yesterday instead of having my usual relaxing Tuesday to myself means I feel a bit cheated this week. Am also suffering from an aching shoulder, probably the result of too much mouse work.

On the feline front, Basil and Micky are settling nicely into their names and racing around the house like crazed derby horses whenever we let them out of the 'nursery'. After the vaccination on 15th we can start to introduce them to the outside world.

We were all sitting in the upstairs TV room last night when Basil had a lucky escape. He took a flying leap onto a box of tissues on the wooden top rail, skidded on the lightweight box whence both he and the tissue box plunged two floors to the dining room. As I looked over the edge I saw him bounce cheekily onto a chair and run off. A close inspection showed him to be shaken but not broken. He was quickly off again wreaking more havoc elsewhere.

My draft tax return arrived and a quick glance through looks like I may be owed a couple of thousand in tax refunds. Hooray for loss making property investments.

I've been listening to and really liking Leonard Cohen's CD "Ten New Songs". Its not new - I think its a couple of years old but the songs are great. His voice is just right to listen to at the sleepy end of the day. This is one of the tracks.

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mariSh said...

...heard about flying foxes. but kittens?!