Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kitty heaven

Today was the work Christmas lunch, so not much work was concluded with everyone leaving the office at noon, and I was home by 4.30 in time to catch the neighbours leaving, they had been for a kitty-visit.

I spotted an ad in the paper for a David Byrne gig here in Feb so just booked some tix online. I have a few of his albums including this recent one with Brian Eno. I also entered a draw to win luxury box seats to see Neil Young at the Big Day Out. I'm not sure I can bear to spend a whole day in a crowded hot arena with 20,000 bouncing yoofs just to see Neil headline the show. Must be getting old :-)

I'd forgotten the pleasure of lying on the floor while wee furry paws wander around patting, licking and generally playing with me.

They still have no definite names as nothing has stuck. Some being mulled over: Basil & Pesto, Bob & Dylan, Marx & Lenin, Siesta and Napper, Bobby & Zimmy, Joey & Senor, Mocha & Chino.

Definitely ruled out: Bradford & Bingley, Marks & Spencer, Smith & Caughey, Kirkcaldie & Stains (the latter two are NZ department stores like Debenhams).

Bob sings about a different type of cat:

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