Sunday, December 7, 2008

James Bond and a brazil nut dream

What a glorious weekend. The stick-on plastic thermometer on the front door showed over 30C, but that was with direct sun.

Saturday was a lazy day, a brunch in St Kevin's arcade and a wander around Borders followed by a relaxing afternoon on the garden hammock. I was restrained and only bought one book and a CD. John got an armful of books with his birthday vouchers. In the evening we went to see Quantum of Solace in Takapuna and managed a quick nosh and a stroll on the beach before the film. I wasn't impressed compared to the last 007. Way too many explosions and fast editing. I had trouble keeping up with the plot. I guess they do that to make people watch it again and again, but it just annoys me and makes me determined never to watch it again!

I had a strange dream in the night. I was looking in a mirror and saw a brazil nut sticking out of my ear so I pulled it out followed by several bright orange/brown leaves and some small branches. I looked into the sink and there was an autumnal pile of foresty leaves and nuts. Then I woke up. What can it mean? I had eaten a few brazil nuts earlier but they've never appeared in my dreams before.

We are making progress in the cat integration programme. Today we let the little uns have the run of the house while Noodle kept an eye on them from the sofa without wailing or howling. Things are looking up. But I had to extract Basil from sitting in a up-to-now bushy and healthy pot plant. He got a smack and a growl from me and the plant looks rather battered and bruised. He did this three times and then I moved the plant.

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