Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Such a lazy day, even more so than Christmas Day. The furthest I ventured was next door to Kim's to feed their cats and to the letter box to collect today's and yesterday's paper. Unlike England, our letter box is further away than our neighbours house, as we live down a ROW ("Right of Way") or private road. The letter boxes are at the top where the public road ends.

Basil and Micky are providing entertainment on tap, there's no need to visit cinemas and so on, and we have a multitude of turkey, ham and chocolates in the fridge. Reclining on the window seat I finally finished reading Barack Obama's 'Dreams of my Father'.

Most of the day was spent monitoring the transfer of 60GB of music from my laptop to desktop PC. This was triggered by the sudden realisation that the laptop had hardly any disk space left. I was loading a CD and a "low disk space" warning appeared. I carefully backed everything up to an external drive then down loaded up to date iTunes and copied them all in. All went well.

Not everyone knows that The Great White Wonder was the first semi-commercial scale bootleg album, and that Dylan is probably the most bootlegged of all artists.

Here's Neil covering Bob's 'All Along the Watchtower'

and 'Helpless' from the Last Waltz

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