Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This site lets you experience the native kiwi birdsong that we enjoy due to the tract of bush surrounding our house. On a daily basis with windows open or when outside on the deck we are privileged to hear the Ruru (Morepork), the Tui and the Piwakawaka (Fantail).

"Bird on the horizon, sittin' on a fence,
He's singin' his song for me at his own expense.
And I'm just like that bird, oh, oh,
Singin' just for you.
I hope that you can hear,
Hear me singin' through these tears."

'You're A Big Girl Now'
1975, from the "New York Sessions" not the official Blood On The Tracks version...

"I got a bird that whistles,
I got a bird that sings.
But I ain' a-got Corrina,
Life don't mean a thing. "

"Corrina, Corrina" 1963 The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

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mariSh said...

I love the Piwakawaka! I shall call you Piwakawaka, Piwakawaka, Piwakawaka - I just love the sound of this word... in the meantime FFilou is very sad and hobbles around on three legs. The wound looks nasty. I am going to the vets' this evening. I am worried, a bit...