Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hanging in Hanoi

A quick post from humid Hanoi.

We've been here since Friday morning - with a day and night up at Halong Bay over the weekend. The junk we stayed on was quite luxurious. Amazing cave networks in the hills. Just 7 of us in our group - all Kiwis. One lady from Birkdale! We kayaked from the boat to a lovely beach, swam in perfectly warm water then back to the boat for a ten course meal. Every kind of seafood known to man served as a separate course. Seafood soup, prawns, crab, clams, whole fish and on it went - and that was just for lunch!

Ho Chi Minh is away having his 5 year renovation so we went to his museum instead of the mausoluem. Best sign so far - "Visitors are asked not to wear their shorts inside the pagoda".

Traffic is incredible; there is no safe way to cross the road here. You just have to look ahead and hope all the mopeds and bikes will flow around you, which they seem to do. It helps being larger westerners as we are clearer obstacles than some of the small locals.

We go to see a water puppet show this p.m. then catch a flight to Hue for a couple of days then onto Hoi An for 3 days. John is enjoying his birthday tour. He's only had one 5am phone call.


mariSh said...

Prepare yourself for more culinary delights - look for a restaurant with a cat/chat in the name; and another with a top hat on the sign... in which town I can't remember ( one of them - close to the harbour though. The beach is out of this world! Don't be afraid to eat there.-
Will you have a chance to visit the North? Don't hesitate!

mariSh said...

PS: the beach is in Hoi An!