Friday, October 31, 2008

Chillin in Hoi An

After a frantic couple of days on the move from Hanoi to Hue and Danang we are in Hoi An for 3 days. There is a lovely old town here, and plenty of shops & cafes. The first hotel we were put in was a real dump and we rebelled and staged a kiwi revolt. After a couple of short phone calls we were upgraded within an hour to a place just a few doors along with lovely spacious room, clean bathrooms and beautiful swimming pool.

We gave the tour guide the afternoon off so we could swim and lie by the pool ordering food and drinks to our hearts content. I rediscovered the joys of a Green Dragon (Syrop de Menthe with 7Up) while listening to Bob's TTRH shows about travelling round the world on my 'pod. After several days on mini buses and walking through hot temples and museums this is a much needed break.

Our drive yesterday took us over a mountain range close to the 17th parallel and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We stopped for lunch at China beach where John gave a 10,000 dong note (about $1.2o NZ) to a beggar and soon found he had twenty ladies following him yelling "how 'bout me, how 'bout me, me have12 babies."

No way to upload photos - but taking plenty - will post some when home.


mariSh said...

No signs of Ho Chi Min revenge then... You must be feeling better!
Wat]ch out for durian ice cream! BEWARE!!!!
love to both of you.-

Amanda said...

Yes. It was a 12 hr bug that laid me up and stopped me eating! All ok now. Normal consumption has resumed :-)

mariSh said...

I wish I were with you...
We must meet up somewhere interesting... What are you doing for Christmas? Fancy meeting in Somalia? :-)

Amanda said...

Heck No! Why Somalia? Why not Cuba or Madagascar?

... Waiting to depart for flight to Ho Chi Minh City. We missed major flooding in Hanoi - 50 dead/missing.

mariSh said...

YES! - to both!