Monday, October 13, 2008

Second time around...

... I found myself sitting at the table with the phone in front of me, not sure if I wanted it to ring or stay silent. This time it rang. A polite and efficient voice said "I'm putting you on hold for Jim Mora". Straight away I could hear the conversation had already started, people were laughing and I felt like the last person at the party. Despite the very short space - it was all over in about 90 seconds - I managed to get a couple of lines in.

Most importantly I managed to say "chihuahua" - thereby saving face by meeting the Monkey's challenge. Now I feel all-powerful. Bring on some more weird challenges one and all!

Oh - and the discussion about "thinking causes people to eat more" was inconclusive and mostly off-topic. I think someone proposed that 'thinking about what to eat next' was the worst type of brain activity in this respect.

Mmmm - I think I'll have another banana...

Noodle has been sneezing the last few days so we took her for a long overdue check up at the local vet. She sang and yowled in the car and then played all nice & cute for the vet. She didn't even complain when the thermometer went up her bum or the large tablet went down her throat. She's been declared fit & healthy and 'verging on obese'. Wait til they see Zappa!

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