Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dogs and floating disco balls

Friday I shopped for a few things for the upcoming holiday - shorts - swimming cossie - toiletries - sandals etc

I also caught up with some paperwork and my 6 monthly GST return, and helped John envelope all his invoices.

Woke this morning to barking and in the interest of our cats took a look outside. Two large aggressive dogs - not sure of the breed but could have been pit bull - were galloping around in the front and then tore off in to the bush. Zappa didn't show up until a few hours later and Noodle hid herself somewhere under the house until about 4pm - when she slunk in, belly on the ground, head twitching left & right, well spooked. I hate it when people don't keep their dogs under control. I think these 2 were with a guy in a truck who was delivering a load of soil to a house up the road.

Today we got stuck in and fixed a few things around the house, including a leak on the spa pool pump, and then J started painting the side of the house we hadn't got to last year. While at the spa pool shop I couldn't resist a floating disco light ball - to add a touch of glamour to our dark pool. It is battery driven, floats and sends various patterns of coloured light into the water. Tacky but fun.

Listened to Tell Tale Signs about 10 times over from the free NPR stream - I plugged my laptop audio output to the HiFi system and sound quality is great. It sounds very bluesy so John's not complaining about the Bob overload (so far).

Pics from recent walks - Cheltenham beach (yesterday) and Cornwall Park (last week)

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mariSh said...

Lovely trees! But MY trees are golden... oh! melancholy...