Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Steaming with creativity

Monday was uneventful. Work - home - dinner - tv etc

Today I went to the gym where particularly friendly staff enquired "what sort of work out I'd like today". I said "medium-tough" and managed to push heavier weights on most machines except the tummy cruncher which had me stumped after 5 and had to have the weight lowered from the 70kg I'd managed last week. Maybe I've been extra slothful with my tummy lately!

After a swim I sat in the steam room for quite a time. I must have built up my tolerance to the heat and I was drifting off in the haze and hiss when I had an interesting idea for a short story to submit for my writing class. It revolves around a woman sitting in a steam room talking to a man who is not there - well he is and he isn't - he's a ghost. Anyway, it was such a vivid idea I rushed to get showered, hair dried and went straight to the front desk to ask for a sheet of paper and then to the cafe for a latte and scribbled the ideas down. As soon as I came home I wrote the story - 4 pages in 3 hours and now feel quite pleased with myself. It's a start anyway. I shall look forward to my next steam room visit.

We are under a 'severe storm warning' threat for the afternoon/evening and it has just started to belt down outside. Both cats lying around looking lazy but peeved.


mariSh said...
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mariSh said...

Looking forward to reading the story about your steamy lover,,,