Saturday, August 30, 2008

Commitment to Dylan

I recently came across Tony Ling's Blog "Every Dylan Song". This "writer, poet and genius" has set himself the astonishing mission of writing a blog entry about every Dylan song ever officially released. His posts are quite lengthy detailed, illuminating entries; he's put a lot of thought into what he writes. He should be completed by about 2021 unless Bob releases new material in the meantime. Tony cites his reasons as his being one of the biggest Dylan fans around (well it seems there are a lot of us) and also he says he "sucks at responsibility", so this is a test of his commitment. I wish him well and read his blogs when I can (oops maybe I have a commitment problem too - lets see what can I do about that).

Fridays NZACres conference was very good. Interesting speakers from all aspects of the clinical research spectrum, from Big Pharma to academic researchers, to regulatory and government funding agencies. Stopped afterwards for some wine & nibbles and the usual "put the world to rights" chatting. Didn't feel like cooking after that so John & I went to Blitza for some pasta and more red wine.

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