Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunshine and salad does not a summer make...

I out-stared Zappa for at least 30 minutes this morning while having a lie in past his breakfast time. He must think he can stare so hard that he can will me out of bed. Pushed some weights and had a swim (in a nice empty pool) then met up with a friend for coffee.

Driving back from the gym it was so sunny and warm I opened the sun roof but despite it being just past midday the sun was not above me - i had to lean sideways to get any rays on my face - not recommended whilst cruising down the motorway at 100k!

Stopped at Sabato and picked up the prime ingredients for a tasty lunch - fresh ciabatta, vine tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and a lovely tangy Spanish olive oil. I even managed to tempt John from the office with this feast and it set me up for the rest of the day.

Spending this afternoon catching up on some boring paperwork - preparing for tax return time, organising plumbing repairs (still) and scanning some photos for a FilmScan customer - a wedding album, B&W from the 1970's.

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