Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Backache, tax, muffins and wayward accountants

Spent half the day working on my dreaded tax return. Wanted to do some exercise (really!) but had a bad ache in my lower back. So the fall back activity was tax paperwork which I deferred until after I'd had a nice lunch in a local cafe.

I had been trying to get hold of my accountant for the last 2 weeks and finally today he rang, apologising for being short staffed because he'd had to let one of his staff go after he'd been assaulted by them! It seems tax and accountancy can drive people crazy even when they are employed to do it. After 5 minutes talking about my tax affairs he spent another 15 talking about his camera and photography, for which I hope he's not going to charge me.

After the day was nearly done I needed some comfort, so I made an eggplant and mozzarella pie to have tonight with a baked chicken breast while watching Coronation St. (it returns - yaaayy!! although we are about 18 months behind the real-time UK) and a batch of walnut & date muffins. These are they.


mariSh said...

How do you make the eggplant/cheese pie, please?

Amanda said...

Slice up the eggplant, spray slices with olive oil and bake them 30 mins to brown.
Then layer it into a casserole with tomato sauce (pasta jar variety) grated mozarella, parmesan and basil. After about 3 layers, top with cheese and bake at 18C for 45 mins. Yummy

Amanda said...

PS You only need a small spoon of tomato sauce and a small slice of mozz on each aubergine - else it gets too runny.