Thursday, August 28, 2008

New boots and Old music

Wow! Spring has sprung. Suddenly its all blue sky and warmth and blossomy trees and perky yellow flowers.

Am having today off in lieu of tomorrow which I will spend swanning around the Langham hotel in the name of work. Alright, I'll be working, attending the NZACres (New Zealand Assoc. of Clinical Research) conference. Last year I gave a presentation and ran a workshop, so it will be more relaxing this time as a plain vanilla attendee.

Pushed myself at the gym despite my lingering back ache. Driving along listening to Chicago's Greatest. I don't normally like this kind of upbeat music with full on high pitched singing and big band accompaniment. However, when I was 11 or 12 I had a pen pal in the USA who sent me his compilation tape of Chicago, and now when I hear songs like 'Saturday In The Park' and 'I've Been Searching So Long' it makes me feel like a teen again which cheers me up no end - I even sing along in the car. I think its called regressing. Maybe statistically I am 'regressing to the mean' in that its middle-of-the-road music. Ha.

The other day I discovered that my favourite red ankle boots have a crack across the sole, after 2 winters hard use which meant they are only safe to wear on dry days (not that we've had many lately) so I went foraging for replacements. Couldn't find the exact sort but these ones will do the job, and I got the 2nd pair for 1/2 price.
That's two pairs for $70 (about 25 quid in old money). Also treated myself to some new lingerie. Must be the effect of spring. I was going to call this post 'New Boots and Panties' (after Ian Dury and the Blockheads) but thought it might attract the wrong kind of reader.

"Einstein can't be classed as witless,
He claimed atoms were the littlest.

When you did a bit of splittleliness:

Frightened everybody shitless."

~ from 'There ain't half been some clever bastards' by ID and the BH's.

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