Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A taxing time, with cat power

Noodle reflecting on life in the sunniest window.
I couldn't face the gym, so I wrapped up warm and went for a walk down to Milford beach. Rain clouds rolled in pretty quickly though. On returning home I tracked down the cats, as they always know where the warmest place in the house is, and sat with them to read the paper. Looking for more distractions, I helped Paul move some furnishings and stuff we had donated over to his new flat in Belmont.

Then I could not come up any more justifiable excuses so I sat down and spent the next 4 hours spread sheeting data for my tax return. Oh Joy.

Milford before the rain.
The afternoon was eased mightily by listening to Cat Power. Here is her 'Song To Bobby' - about Dylan of course...

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