Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two bobs worth and a couple of hats to boot

Phew. A hard days work followed by some down time. With my feet by the fire, and a glass of wine in hand I spent an hour browsing through Bobdom where I gleaned these nice pics of a behatted Bob. Sometimes all a gal needs after a long day is something nice to gawp at!

Back to serious blog-stuff maybe tomorrow, maybe never.
One more day to work then we are off to Taranaki for a long weekend staying with friends. New Plymouth is a 5 hour drive to the south west of Auckland, on the coast. Our first escape from the 'smoke' for what seems ages. Hoping the rough weather holds off - two days ago the main highway to Taranaki was closed due to a slip. With a bit of luck we may get trapped on the other side of one and have to stay a week or two :-)
I realise that I've been out of the UK so long that I can't remember what 'two bob' is worth. I've a feeling may be one bob = a shilling = 10p? Or is it 5p?


mariSh said...


mariSh said...

I am most surprised that YOU don't wear hats yourself...
What's stopping you?!?!?!

Amanda said...

See blog dated Sat Aug 2nd - whats that on my bonce then, a hibernating squirrel?