Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gold medal and hot advice

Excitement here tonight as we watched the Evers-Swindell twins bring home GOLD in the rowing. It was so close - literally millimetres in it. There were several minutes before it was clear if it was NZ or Germany across the line first. And NZ scored two bronze medals - also in rowing - including a very brave effort from Mahe Drysdale who was ill beforehand, had received fluids intravenously and also needed medical attention at the end of the race, yet still managed to get a medal. He looked decidedly wobbly when he was helped up to the medal ceremony. What a trooper as they say here.

We watched the excitement with Jaz and Mark who came over for dinner. We also chatted about their wedding plans over fish & potato pie and blueberry crumble. It was lovely to see them as always.

Need some advice? My friend Alan has written a very interesting blog about the "advice theorem" which is great news for those who give advice, take advice or tend to avoid it in either direction (like me). Apparently, "all advice is good advice, because there is some course of action , between the advised course and its complete opposite, which must with mathematical certainty lead to the best possible outcome". Read more here.