Saturday, July 26, 2008

The calm and the storm

Friday was deceptively calm, clear, sunny and warm(ish) after a chilly start. I walked along Tamaki drive and up and around the Savage monument up on the hill. It felt like a perfect spring/summer day.

Saturday came with a severe storm warning: a cyclone, the worst for a decade, due to hit Auckland this afternoon. This from todays paper:

Civil defence tips:
* Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.
* Open a window on the side of the building away from the wind. This will relieve pressure on the roof and help prevent it lifting.
* Close all curtains to slow down flying glass and airborne objects.
* Stay away from doors and windows. If the wind becomes destructive, shelter further inside the house.

4PM update: John just came back from underneath the north side of the harbour bridge where he filmed waves crashing onto the motorway. There were a couple of boats off their moorings being smashed up against the harbour wall.

We are supposed to go to a movie at 5pm but the drive over the bridge is putting us off. We came back from town at 3pm and there were 60kph warning signs flashing and gusts of wind that felt they would lift the car if slightly stronger. If it gets worse the bridge may be closed to traffic. So I think we'll make a log fire and have a night at home listening to the howling wind. If the worst happens and a tree lands on our roof then we can claim a new roof which we badly need anyway!!

8pm update: Seems to have passed over, else we are in the 'eye' and have part 2 to come. The news said some areas have no power due to lines down. The only damage for us so far has been losing a branch of a tree out front and having some garden furniture and pot plants thrown about a bit

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