Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working but pining for adventure

Currently it seems like this New Zealand winter is never ending. It's been raining non stop for weeks and various people I know are having adventures while I am stuck here either working or avoiding bad weather on my days off. Aaaarrghghhh!&$##@!@

One of the IT crew had his last day and we went out to lunch to farewell him on his upcoming adventures in Asia and the Middle East. Also, another colleague announced today that he's leaving to go to Sydney. Crazy Tamsin, who left our work at the end of last year has been in touch and I've been reading the blog of her Asian adventures she had in 2005-06. All these things are getting under my skin and starting to give me itchy feet. It seems a long time to wait until October and our Vietnam trip.

The billboard I spotted on Fanshawe St, central Auckland the other day - during a sudden and very short interlude of sunshine while I was driving through town.

And the view from my commute home today with a suitably apt soundtrack, coincidentally playing on my CD player as the rain lashed down.

As a postscript to todays somewhat whiny blog, I have just read this concept of the USA having "cowardly socialism" on David Byrne's Journal - and now feel much more cheerful at being stuck in NZ in the rain (thanks David).

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Peter said...

Really like David Byrne's blog - so thanks for linking to it! Pleased to hear he is working again with Brian Eno too. Eno's book A year with swollen appendices is fab, and is a diary of his year. Reading how he went about things, sort of changed my life too. Hope the sun shines soon!