Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Excitement in Dylan-dom!!

The news I discovered this morning, while browsing my usual sites over a bowl of muesli, and that has created a flurry of posting on all Bob Dylan forums: a new album release slated for Oct 7th! Not a new studio album, although that has been rumoured for a while, but something close in the Bob stakes - a new official 'Bootleg' release. Bootleg Series 8 is a 3 disc collection called 'Tell Tale Signs' containing many unreleased studio recordings and live tracks dating from 1986-2006. This period covers some great albums such as 'Oh Mercy', 'Time Out Of Mind' and 'Modern Times'.

For a teaser there is a free mp3 download available at - you just need to register to pick up the track 'Dreamin' Of You'. I've listened to it 4 or 5 times today and it is not like any other Dylan song I can think of, and is rapidly growing on me.

If a song this good was left unused on the studio floor when Time Out Of Mind was recorded then I can't wait to hear the other 30+ tracks on the new release. Roll on October.

Equal to the buzz about this release and its contents, is the unhappiness at the pricing options - here's another bloggers view on that.

The previous Bob masterpiece, unreleased until late 2007, and most welcomed into the official world is this song from which the movie 'I'm Not There' gets its name. The lyrics are only partly formed, the song dates from the sixties around the time of the Basement Tapes and was never finished, (Bob tends to leave behind songs that he's not totally happy with rather than re-working them later on) but it somehow manages to draw you in as though in a dream and the mystical non-words make sense in their own way. ... heres one translation of what he is singing..

It’s alone, it’s a crime
the way she moult me around
was she told for to hate me
by this dong fortaken clown


Nik said...

It's great to see another entry in the Bootleg series at last, although I think I'm going to go for the cheaper 2-disc option.

I'm really hoping that what with the song "I'm Not There" coming out that sooner or later in this series we might at long last see a release of the FULL "Basement Tapes" recordings, though....

Amanda said...

Or one of the live 1979-80 gospel tour concerts....
I too am leaning towards the 2 disc set. An extra $110(US) for one more CD plus some booklets and a 7" vinyl is not worth it in my view. I'm sure teh extra tracks wil appear somehwere for download. In fact I think I have some of them already... said...

I spent only a few minutes drooling over that freebie mp3 before adding it to my Dylan webcast at

Great track, thanks for sharing the info!

Amanda said...

Thanks Walrus.
Keep up the great work with the webcast. I've heard things there I never knew existed!

ChrisMooreMusic said...

I was blown away by the free download of "Dreamin of You" -- it's actually in the running for one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. I mean, I loved the seventh Bootleg release, but the less cover songs and the more Dylan originals the better!