Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Still Ill

From that famous Smiths song...
"Does the body rule the mind Or does the mind rule the body ?"
Well today the body wins. I'm staying home. The antibiotics must have not fully kicked in yet.

Called round to see Mo yesterday late afternoon, we spent a couple of hours sipping rooibos tea with honey, sampling Mo's homemade bread with Boursin and chatting about everything from Cuban healthcare to the state of the economy. Upon leaving my car got stuck in the muddy grass on the verge and I managed spin the wheeels a few times before I moved off. In the light of morning I realised my car is splattered from front to back with dried mud, even on the windscreen. It looks like I've been hooning around on some 4WD adventure instead of having a sedate cup of tea and sit down with a friend in the neighbourhood.

Tried to call Mari now she's back home in Lublin. I started singing "Happy Birthday" with a croaky throat as soon as the phone was answered, only to find, after 2 full verses, that it was not Mari at all but another very confused Polish lady. I apologised and hung up.

Noodle proving that cats can find warm spots even in winter...

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