Friday, July 11, 2008

Film festival report #1

Two movies today. Both documentaries. Both full of emotion.

First up: Anger and disbelief. Mo & I went to see 'No end in sight' the detailing of the political arrogance and stupidity that caused the current chaos in Iraq. Many of the accounts were told by the frustrated witnesses who were once on the Bush team, were in Iraq and whose planning and efforts to stabilise the country were thwarted by remote commands from Rumsfeld and others with no understanding of what was going down. Grrrrrr!!

In between movies we had some rejuvenating mushroom soup and then drove down to the SPCA to consider the canines, as Mo is thinking of getting a dog. I very nearly came home with a sweet little fluffy tortoise shell kitten who clung to me purring like something demented and nuzzled under my chin.

Then this evening I went back into town to the Lido with John & Mo to see 'Young@Heart' - a film about a choir of that name that tackles music by Coldplay, The Clash, Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Prince, and James Brown. With the average age of 82, and one of the star performers (pictured below) clocking in at 92, this was a revelation.

They put in performances with such energy and life despite having to deal with cancer, chronic heart failure, incontinence and the death of 2 of their group while rehearsing for their tour. An inspiring film. Official site. Note: the clips on the site are just the music videos, the film gets behind the scenes to who these people are as well as the music they make.

Maybe I'll start a Dylan choir when I am 80. We can travel the country performing from our wheelchairs. I'll want 'Desolation Row' and 'Its Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)' on the setlist

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