Friday, July 4, 2008

Two small pills, with massage, bacon hock and gospel

I managed to do a full day at work yesterday, feeling a bit better, at least I’m not coughing much now but my throat still gets bothersome in the evenings.

This morning I went for my appointment with a local homeopath. She spent over an hour asking me all sorts of questions about my health and also what sort of dreams I had as a child (I told her the recurring dream of my mum walking into the sea until her hat was floating) and if I craved certain foods (of course, the usual suspects, crisps, cheese & chocolate). After the talking, she rummaged around in another room for a few minutes, came back with some books which she hummed and haaa’ed over while asking several more questions and eventually gave me 2 very small pills to dissolve under my tongue. I’m to call her next Tuesday to tell her if there has been any effect. The logical rational part of me says it cannot work due to the extreme dilution, whereas a part of me hopes it will work, not just to feel better but to be able to say “ha – its not medicine as we know it but it works!”

Still quite cold & damp here. But I spent the afternoon having a full body massage at a spa in town. I had been given the voucher for my birthday way back in February. Very relaxing, and my back and neck feel especially loose and mobile now.

Came back from the spa thinking about a bacon hock and some hearty soup. So now, there is a large pot of 'pea and ham' bubbling on the stove.

If you can’t stand Dylan, blog stops here today. Bye.

The first Dylan video is from 1980 – the religious tour. Many people were put off Bob in the late 70’s due to his god bothering, (me included). It is only recently I’ve come to appreciate his gospel music from that era. ”What Can I do For You” is one of those.
You can leave God out of it or not, its up to you - it’s a great song anyway.

Next, here is THE best ever (Dylan) song – the words are mesmerising...
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) ....
While them that defend what they cannot see
With a killer's pride, security
It blows the minds most bitterly
For them that think death's honesty
Won't fall upon them naturally
Life sometimes
Must get lonely.

And finally, another favourite, Tombstone Blues...
Now the medicine man comes and he shuffles inside

He walks with a swagger and he says to the bride
"Stop all this weeping, swallow your pride
You will not die, it's not poison"

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