Monday, July 7, 2008

Rain, fish, health & happiness

Another typically Auckland day - rain- sun - rain - sun etc. You give up trying to predict anything and just live in the knowledge that you take a brolly or you get wet even when its looking really bright and sunny.

No throat problems today - my faith in non scientific based healing is increasing.

Try feeding my pet fish - click to drop some food, or watch them chase your cursor ...
SORRY - the pet fish had to go as my page-loading speed was too slow.

For those with some knowledge/interest in Dylan, here's a fun read. The discography at the end is also quite amusing. If you don't know much about his Bobness then this may just sound like nonsense - so best skip it.

I have been sleeping much better since my throat stopped hurting, am feeling so much healthier. All geared up to go to the gym and swimming tomorrow. Getting myself in shape for the marathon film festival that kicks off Friday. We've booked for 14 films and I may sneak the odd extra one in during the daytime on my non-work days. If a film stays in my memory bank long enough I will blog about it here and the forgettable ones will be left unmentioned.

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