Sunday, July 20, 2008

Empties and Mazes

Saw a Czech film tonight called 'Empties', about a charming old rogue who refuses to submit to retirement. He takes a series of menial jobs unbefitting a former school teacher, daydreams about women half his age, and manages to get himself and his wife lost in a wayward hot air balloon without the pilot. A charming film, not at all grim. I recognised a few of the Prague streets near the Castle Steps, where I stayed with Mari a year ago. Mo came back after for ready & waiting dinner consisting of a beef & guinness casserole with baked potatoes (and a few healthy bits).

Dinner conversation involved a few rants (mostly from John). I think I must have missed out on the 'rant' and 'gossip' genes, as I'm not very good at either. On the other hand, I do like abstract puzzles and mazes which some people don't see any point to. I've added a link to Robert Abbott's Logic Maze Puzzles - they are pretty tough and can keep me amused for some time.

Here is a staircase to nowhere I saw on a walk this morning. I guess the demolition guys ran out of time or something.

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???? Just to see if it will get to you...