Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lenny Henry: Where you from?

... Dudley (West Midlands) as it happens.
As a change to the film festival, we ventured out last night (in the rain yet again) to see British comedian Lenny Henry's stand up show 'Where You From?'. It was ticketed as at the Herald theatre but we were mystified when we got there 15 mins before the 8pm start and there was absolutely nobody in the foyer, just a girl reading a paperback at a ticket desk. It turns out they had changed the show to the ASB theatre after some tickets had been sold. I guess they misjudged the response as the ASB is a much bigger venue. Anyhow, we got our tickets sorted and made it over to the nearby ASB in time.

We both gave Lenny 7/10. There were a few laughs, but not totally tummy tickling. He's best when he gets into one of the Jamaican characters and also quite funny singing rap, or as Michael Jackson or Tina Turner. Here's Lenny talking about his show and his experience of Maori culture.

Today, after a session at the gym and a swim, I've been pottering around at home: made a DVD slideshow for a Filmscan customer and cut some backup CDs of the latest iTunes purchases. It is STILL raining here. I am counting down the weeks until summer.

On the bright side, our passports arrived back from the Vietnamese Embassy with colourful visas inside.

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