Saturday, July 5, 2008

Carl Shuker – free NZ fiction

Spent a lazy Saturday - had brunch on K Rd, followed by a spot of shopping. John bought 2 jackets that have the "Ten years younger" effect. We bought some 2nd hand books in St Kevins arcade then reatreated home out of the icy wind and rain, built a large log fire and settled in to some serious reading, toasting of toes and slurping on homemade pea and ham soup. Bliss.

Those in NZ may have read the review in the Listener Jul 5 edition “Endless Audacity – Carl Shuker’s online novellas are a thrilling ride”. Well, I read “The Depleted Forest” today and can recommend it. Set in a (slightly) futuristic yet believable Japan where all the concrete buildings have a cancer that turns them to dust. The plot twists and turns through its edgy 55 pages, and left me keen to read parts two and three. Grab these while they available as free pdf downloads for a short time (this month only). The first two parts of the trilogy are currently available from this site.

My throat has been amazingly good today - no pains or burning sensations. Fingers crossed the hocus pocus pills may be doing something :-)

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