Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cheering up with Green Wing

Spent a couple of hours this afternoon watching the DVD Series 1 of Green Wing. This was shown on NZ tv but I missed most of the episodes. I bought this set a few weeks ago. It is recommended viewing for cheering up to. Here is a clip where the two Hospital HR madwomen compete in the bathroom mirror .....

I decided to top up the spa pool which looked rather low when I went out to add the weekly dose of chlorine. Then I watched TV and sat at the computer and forgot I had left the hosepipe running, I found it again 3 hours later overflowing. Now I need to get in there and splash about a bit to get the water back to its proper level.

I managed to get Mari on the phone at last (after confirming her number by email). She thought it was very funny that I had sung to a stranger. The old number was for her brother Albert's office where she stayed when she arrived in Poland. It was also funny hearing her English translation of the Polish birthday message I had created using Google translator the other day. Apparently I had "appreciated her day of giving birth" and "wished her cakes filling all her descriptions"! Mari is excited about the upcoming start of her house being built and is thinking of starting a blog to record progress. Go for it Mari!


Naki Richard said...

Agh........what was life like before Green Wing?
Someone I know (not P.!) has watched it and couldn't "get it" so now I know they're a sad case!
Keep the blog rolling Mandy

Amanda said...

Hiya Richard.
We can lend you the set of DVDs if you like, we've nearly finished watching Series 1 and may get the 2nd if we can find it - Cheers, Mandy