Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A roof, a WOF, a cough and a burnt out heater

Another bad sleep due to my ticklish throat and coughing. My car needed a WOF, so took it up the road to the garage. It went through no problem, good old Mitsubishi. Spent an hour folding and enveloping the company's monthly invoices for John. Then I spoke to the pain-in-the-a** roofing company and finally reached agreement about the reduction in price I would pay for the re-roofing of Pension fund No.1. This company are unbelievable - the dramas I've had could fill several pages, but to put it briefly they took 10 weeks to do a job that was supposed to take 2-3 weeks and in the process managed to decapitate a beautiful old cabbage tree that (used to) grace the front lawn of the house AND to top it all (no pun intended) they roofed the whole house with the wrong colour tiles (blue-grey instead of green-grey). So, for the past month I have been in dispute about paying the full bill. If anyone reading this needs to know which large Auckland roofing company to avoid I am happy to fill you in on the details.

As I was sitting at the table listening to music and enveloping, I sniffed a burning smell that defintely wasn't toast and then I noticed puffs of white smoke coming from the back of the electric heater. Jumped up and knocked the switch off before it burst into flames. Lucky I was in the room at the time it happened. So I've just been out and bought a new convection heater, but I think it will be cold enough for a log fire tonight. Feet up, roast chicken and a night of telly is on the cards.

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