Monday, July 14, 2008

To work (twice in a day)

Today was a working day. Mostly meetings, plus I spent the last hour setting up a small web survey for one of our researchers.
Got home, read the paper, had a glass of wine, made some honey mustard chicken on kumara mash. Watched some telly, was about to go to bed, looked for my iPod. Aaaaah. I had left it on my desk.

I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so John drove me to work in his 'Nipple' (so-named by the neighbour, it is a new red Suzuki Swift Sport that uses about half the fuel of my Airtrek). The University campus is in Glen Innes, opposite side of town, a 40km round trip. It was weird arriving there at 11pm, going through the security barriers that are normally open, the offices deserted and in darkness. I never realised the corridor lights are on sensors that light up as you approach. Safely retrieved my beloved iPod and home to bed.

Congratulations to Jaz who has a new job starting early August. Go girl :-)

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