Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sheltering from the rain

Last nights film was 'Fighter' about a young female muslim kung fu student. Nothing amazing to recommend it - the plot is the same as 'Bend it Like Beckham': substitute Copenhagen for Southall, Turkish for Sikh, kung fu for football and you've just about seen the film. There's even a family wedding that gets in the way of Aicha's illicit training. We all went up Queen St to Kura afterwards for some Japanese kai. Edamame, prawn tempura, seafood salad and hot sake for me.

Today I have a couple of film scanning jobs on the go. A small one, just a dozen images, for a professional photographer and a larger pile of 300 slides for a guy in Noumea that will take me a couple of days at my relaxed pace. Am glad that its pouring with rain so I am not tempted to go beach walking or cafe cruising. I can happily sit in the warm & dry, listening to Dylan bootlegs and feeding slides through the CoolScan machine in between editing the images, sipping tea and reading Murakami.

I am now halfway through 'Wind-Up Bird Chronicle', and Toru is trapped at the bottom of a deep well. I read this part while lounging in a hot bath. I tried to screw my eyes tight and imagine the darkness and isolation but it was hard to overcome the comfort of the warm water and the cheerful music from the lounge below.

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